Double Collars for Spring – Fifties Details

It’s now officially spring in the northern hemisphere! Right on cue, my tastes tend to turn more fifties full skirts and extravagance when the weather warms up. (Though, this is very characteristic of the forties, too. Peasant tops and dirndl skirts were quite popular in the summer for the forties.)   Unfortunately, some on my… Continue reading Double Collars for Spring – Fifties Details

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New Look Princess Coat: A Closer Look Inside

Here is my promised detailed look into my princess coat! Putting this post up took a little longer than I anticipated. I ended up falling down the google rabbit hole researching this one. And then in the mean time, I ended up picking up another era unidentified vintage coat. I might have a problem. My… Continue reading New Look Princess Coat: A Closer Look Inside

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Confession: I’ve Become Dirndl Obsessed

*Warning: Image heavy post ahead!* If you’ve been following my Pinterest, you may have seen me pinning an abundance of dirndls and vintage dirndl patterns. I have a serious case of dirndl on the brain, and can’t stop thinking about them!   It all started this fall when my husband and I started tossing around… Continue reading Confession: I’ve Become Dirndl Obsessed