Adventures in Thrifting: The Last Days of Winter

The whole of the winter season this year has been pretty strange for us here in St. Louis. We had some really mild weather, and then one weekend where it was colder than the whole winter and snowed more in two days than we got this entire winter. And then Monday, we had a high… Continue reading Adventures in Thrifting: The Last Days of Winter

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Finding a Unicorn: A 40s/50s Princess Coat

In the vintage world, we call them unicorns. Maybe other collectors do as well. Each one of us has a list of amazing objects that we’d like to find in the wild some day: Princess coats, novelty skirts, matching dress sets, just to name a few.   We hope that they’ll be in our size.… Continue reading Finding a Unicorn: A 40s/50s Princess Coat


Half-off Hauls! August Thrifting Edition

So the Value Village near my house is increasingly becoming one of my favorite stores to shop in. They have such variety, and usually a good range of items! What’s more, they have massive half-off sales twice a month! They stock the floor extra for these sales and tons of people show up. My haul… Continue reading Half-off Hauls! August Thrifting Edition


Two Cardigans

Welcome to my two cardigan “collection!” I still haven’t had the right occasion to wear either of these, though I’m debating trying to sell the one made in hong kong, because it’s too short on me :(. I’m also super afraid of spilling something on them … But here they are!