Rolling With It: Easter Dress Up

I have to be honest with you, I looked at my recent pictures of this dress and they did not do the color justice! I ended up wearing it again for Easter Sunday and took some more pictures for you that display the colors better. I also had hoped to show it off in a different with a fun hairstyle (achieved!) and a new hat ( . . . not so much). Not everything goes as planned!

Rolling With It: Easter Dress

I really did have fun creating this hairstyle, even though bits of it had started to fall out when I was able to take pictures after church. I think it managed to hold up all day! I need more practice with this type of updo, but I was quite satisfied with this iteration and am looking forward to trying it out again!

Rolling With It: Easter Dress Up

I did wear gloves with this outfit, but since I also played handbells in church, I had to switch gloves quite often, and they didn’t end up in these photos. Sadness.

Rolling With It: Easter Dress Up

Speaking of other things that didn’t turn out . . . I bought this lovely hat for Easter, but it did not end up working out. The hat is a bit small for my head, but I had thought that I could pin it to my head in a satisfactory way. It did not turn out that well. Three pins and it still rose up on my head enough to look strange and like a floating halo rather than a hat. Here is me squashing it down on my head.

Rolling With It: Easter Dress Up

And here is it lifting off of its own accord.

Rolling With It: Easter Dress Up

The lesson should always be sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don’t! You just have to roll through it.

Rolling With It: Easter Dress Up


Dress: Vintage Haberdashery

Brooch, Cardigan: Thrifted

Shoes: Payless

Hat: Vintage Baubles and Bits’

I hope you had a Happy Easter and are enjoying spring!



3 thoughts on “Rolling With It: Easter Dress Up

  1. I love your hair! It’s very 40s.
    I know all about hats not turning out the way imagined! I see hats at the thrift store and say “Well, I can always do ‘something’ to it to make it work!” And when I get it home, nothing works at all!
    Hope you had a lovely Easter, too!
    – Megan Joy


  2. I have had that experience with hats before. 😦 Now I am very particular about hats, and as a result never end up buying any, but at least I don’t have tons of hats I can’t wear. That’s too bad that yours didn’t work out, as it would have coordinated perfectly with your outfit. And your outfit was perfect for Easter- so Springlike 🙂
    The Artyologist


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