Sunny Days are Here Outfit

As the days are getting warmer, I’m realizing that I got my second job when the weather had already turned cold, and I am not quite equipped for working full time in warm temperatures! It’s the same problem I had in the fall, except with warm weather clothing instead of cold! Sigh. C’est la vie.

Sunny Days are Here Outfit

This means that I’ve had to do a bit of experimenting to get my wardrobe to cooperate until I can fill in some gaps. Work has been eating up all of my time lately, and other projects have taken away from my vintage sewing and thrifting times. This outfit is a perfect example of the creativity I’ve been trying to channel.

Sunny Days are Here Outfit

I made this top over a year ago, but it’s peplum-ed! I think this fabric isn’t drapey enough for this style, because I always hated how it looked with a skirt. I think it looked okay with regular trousers, but I really don’t wear them so much anymore.

Sunny Days are Here Outfit

So one day, I thought, “What would it look like if I just tucked it all away?” And this look was born. I really actually like this blouse as a tucked in blouse. It still does some weird gaping at the neck, but I can overlook that.

Sunny Days are Here Outfit

I’m considering hacking this pattern into a plain boat-neck kimono-sleeve button down and making five of them for everyday use. They’re classic, yet can also be casual. Easily vintage, but not super fussy.

Sunny Days are Here Outfit

I picked up this mother of pearl heart pin recently and I’m seriously in love with it. It goes with everything!

Everything has been just bursting into green and color around here with all of the rain we have been getting lately. I’m hoping that it lends to some good shots of flowers in the days ahead!

Do you wear clothes not quite in the way they’re supposed to?

How are you creative with your closet?


Blouse: Me made S1590

Skirt, belt, brooch: Thrifted

Hat, scarf: Estate Sale

Shoes: Pennies

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