Double Collars for Spring – Fifties Details

It’s now officially spring in the northern hemisphere! Right on cue, my tastes tend to turn more fifties full skirts and extravagance when the weather warms up. (Though, this is very characteristic of the forties, too. Peasant tops and dirndl skirts were quite popular in the summer for the forties.)


Double Collars for Spring - Fifties Details

Unfortunately, some on my fuller skirts are not quite formal enough for my regular office. I’ve been wearing pretty formal button-ups and A-line skirts through the whole winter. I can only imagine how shocking it would be for me to show up in a full skirt! Though it would be a nice challenge to dress my dirndl skirts formal enough for work in an office!

Double Collars for Spring - Fifties Details

I decided to celebrate the first few days of spring by wearing this new-to-me 50s dress! It wasn’t quite deadstock, but it looks practically unworn. The only flaws are some rust spotting, probably from hanging for too long on a metal hanger. And look! It still has its original belt. It’s in very good condition too, no cracking or signs of wear.

Double Collars for Spring - Fifties Details

I just love the details on this dress and how spring-y it is! IfΒ  you look closely, you can see a silver thread running through the white streak. What drew me most to this dress, for sure, was the double collar. I first learned of the concept of a double collar from this dress on Etsy, courtesy of the lovely Fabgabs, and I was hooked. It, unfortunately, was outside of my budget and sold almost immediately, but I knew I wanted a double collar some day! Totally unnecessary, but so intriguing all the same!

Double Collars for Spring - Fifties Details

I decided to pair this with a shrug for work, as peter pan collars can sometimes make the wearer look too young. I also went with this recently acquired handbag. I’m not sure on the dating of this piece yet, it’s so new to me, but it is definitely midcentury. I love a good box purse!

Double Collars for Spring - Fifties Details

I also tried on my new 50s style reproduction sunglasses, but was unable to get many good pictures of them. I’m still undecided on them, as I’m not sure if they are a good fit for my face. Maybe they only look good from an angle, and not straight on?

Double Collars for Spring - Fifties Details

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the changing seasons where you are!

Are you celebrating spring in some way?

Do you see your style evolve with the change in seasons?

Dress, sunglasses: Vintage Haberdashery

Bolero, brooch, bag: thrifted

Shoes: DSW

6 thoughts on “Double Collars for Spring – Fifties Details

  1. Oh man!! This dress is amazing! I have been on a weird, desperate hunt for a plaid, 50s-style collared dress in spring colors ever since March rolled around. I hope I’ll encounter one in the wild at a vintage store soon! You look lovely!


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