Adventures in Thrifting: The Last Days of Winter

The whole of the winter season this year has been pretty strange for us here in St. Louis. We had some really mild weather, and then one weekend where it was colder than the whole winter and snowed more in two days than we got this entire winter. And then Monday, we had a high in the 80s. Well, the first day of spring arrived, and the weather is back to seasonal temperatures. I am so looking forward to warm days and spring clothing though, even though the weather may take some time to catch up!

I realized that I haven’t done a thrifting haul post in a while, so I’ll catch you up with the last of winter, also know as February and most of March. I’ve been busy, but I’ve also been finding a lot of good stuff and doing a lot of thrifting, surprisingly! Most of it has been, ironically accessories, which I say that I don’t need as much.

Adventures in Thrifting: The Last Days of Winter

But anyway, here are the two pieces of regular clothing that I’ve picked up recently. Both are fairly modern. I’m pretty sure the skirt is from the 90s, but the blouse is definitely modern. I’ve been realizing that I could use more button down shirts for work, and this one has huge puffed sleeves and an interestingly shaped collar. The skirt could probably be hemmed up a few inches, but it’s pretty comfy!

Adventures in Thrifting: The Last Days of Winter

Next, another 50s slip! I absolutely adore my other vintage slip, which is far superior to modern slips. The rayon is so soft and slinky and is so perfect to wear under dresses, especially if they are a bit too tight. The fabric just slips right over the slip and is a delight to wear! I seriously want ten of them. If you look at the top edge, someone has tragically hacked this one off mid-hip, but it is still very slinky and gorgeous, so I suspect I will still get a lot of wear out of it.

Adventures in Thrifting: The Last Days of Winter

This cotton headscarf is a bit unremarkable, but I wear navy so much (it’s a basic for me) that I was delighted to find one. I hope to wear it often, especially this summer!

Adventures in Thrifting: The Last Days of Winter

And some pretties! Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage and I went antiquing, and I picked up a number of pretty handkerchiefs and these deadstock winter gloves! I have been debating switching to cloth for tissues and nose-blowing, and have been collecting handkerchiefs in preparation. However, some of them are so nice I’m not sure I could blow my nose on them! I will let you know how this experiment goes later!

Adventures in Thrifting: The Last Days of Winter

And finally, something I also picked up with Brittany, is this lovely jewelry box. My brooches had been starting to get crowded in their drawer, but I hadn’t been sure how to fix that for a while. Then, I saw this beauty at the antique store. It wasn’t in the best of condition. Maybe you can make out what looks like paint on the lid. But the inside was this gorgeous blue, and it was priced very nicely.

Adventures in Thrifting: The Last Days of Winter

So it came on home with me! I’ve already transferred all of my vintage jewelry into it, which, as you can see, there is plenty of room for more! This also opened up space in my drawer for my new handkerchiefs!

Well that’s all for now! Have you thrifted anything good lately?


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