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4 Vintage Gals I’m Subscribed to on Youtube

It has been so overcast and gloomy this past week because of the huge storm system that’s literally sweeping the nation. Snow is the new black, didn’t you know? It was literally 78 degrees outside last Thursday, and then over the weekend, we got more snow than we’ve seen all winter. This meant that all I wanted to do this weekend was stay in and snuggle up under a blanket (or two) with some Youtube videos.

And what better to watch on Youtube than some vintage content creators! Many of the vintage content creators I know base their work on a blog, and use Youtube to supplement their work. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you just want to sit and listen instead of reading. So now I present, for your viewing pleasure, 4 Vintage Youtubers that I’m subscribed to!

1. Domowa Kostiumologia

I haven’t been subscribed to Eleonora for long, but she has only just started making videos again recently. She also does historical costuming, and has some very funny as well as educational videos! I love her frank way of filming and the practicality of her videos. She is Polish, hence the name, but is currently going to uni in Scotland.

A favorite of mine: What Makes An Authentic Vintage Hairstyle? While it isn’t a tutorial, it is full of tips and tricks to getting more authentic hair. Much of our ideas about vintage hair are very stylized and Eleonora talks about real women’s hair of the era!

2. Lisa Freemont Street

Ashley has been posting vintage hair and makeup tutorials on Youtube for years now, and her channel is a wealth of knowledge about vintage hairstyles. Looking for something in particular? She’s probably done a video on it. She also talks products, vintage fashion, and beauty on her channel! She is currently on a bit of a hiatus from her channel, as she is moving, but keep an eye out for new videos soon!

Favorite video: ‘Making the Cut:’ Haircuts for Vintage Styles This video is all about what haircuts work well for vintage styles, and, more importantly, how to talk to your stylist about what you want from a haircut! I need to watch this again, as I need to get another haircut soon.

3. The Pinup Companion

I have been following Rachel for a while on Instagram, but only recently subscribed to her Youtube channel. Instagram to Youtube isn’t a natural transition for me because I don’t like how Youtube videos play on my phone. But I really like Rachel’s style of filming, as it’s so personable and relate-able.

My favorite video so far: Vintage Style: What, Why, How? This simply named video encompasses so much about wearing vintage. What style she has, why she wears vintage, and how she finds her vintage clothing. I like to hear the motivations of others for wearing vintage, but tips for buying vintage is always appreciated. A good watch all around!

4. Lilly Jarlsson

Lilly is German, and has two Youtube channels, which are essentially the same channel, except one is in German and the other English! I have linked to her English channel, but here is her German channel if you are so interested! She has been posting videos for years on vintage style, fashion, and lifestyle, and does it with such grace and poise! You can always count on her for good hair and beauty tips as well.

Video I love: Chic & Cheap? How I find my Vintage Clothes Here Lilly deals with the conundrum that most vintage loving ladies deal with: budget, and getting your vintage clothes. I wish that I could spend hundreds of dollars on fabulous vintage, but unfortunately, I cannot. Here, Lilly addresses this issue and provides some practical ideas to dressing in vintage style and in vintage clothes on a budget.

So that’s it, four vintage gals that I subscribe to on Youtube! I hope that you found someone new to follow yourself, or found some videos to enjoy, especially if you are snowed in this week!

So, who did I miss? Who should I be subscribed to on Youtube that makes videos about vintage style?

Who is your favorite vintage Youtuber?



6 thoughts on “4 Vintage Gals I’m Subscribed to on Youtube

  1. Nice round up, honestly I only follow Rachel. I’m so lazy about Youtube, and I have a channel. I need to update it so badly. But I shall check out the others!! ❀


  2. Thank you so much for these Youtubers! I already am a fan of Lisa but I’m totally loving the other 3 ladies you mentioned. Domowa is cute as a button and I love that video you posted (hehehe the parrots and the R’s). Thanks so much πŸ™‚


    1. I’m glad that you found some new videos to watch! Video is such a different medium than blogging, but they have a lot of similarities. I too enjoy her videos and humor so much! Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚


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