What’s on My Sewing Table: A Busy Quilt

I haven’t been doing much garment sewing lately (aside from the odd mend) because I’ve been hard at work on this busy quilt! As you may know, I spend some of my free time making quilts for my local hospice group. Many of them turn out to be very patriotic because they are given to veterans in honor of their service. 

This one is a bit different though, and is unlike any other quilt I’ve made! It’s a busy quilt, also known as a fiddle quilt. They are sometimes given to children with sensory or mental health needs, but they have been very popular among those with dementia. 

What's on My Sewing Table: A Busy Quilt

Touch tends to be one of the last senses that someone with dementia will cling to, and many people with dementia are fascinated with interesting textures and objects. A busy quilt gives then something to play with and keep them occupied. Often, this can help with anxiety and anxiety related behaviors.  The quilt I’m making is pretty simple in design, two basic colors and a basic patch design. This gives me freedom to do what I wish with each square, and provide a lot of variety in one quilt!

What's on My Sewing Table: A Busy Quilt

Here are some of my favorite blocks so far. This one is pretty simple, but this trim is so fascinating I thought it would make a good addition. 

What's on My Sewing Table: A Busy Quilt

On one, I have attached several ribbons tied into bows. I have decided not to tack the bows in place so the recipient of the quilt can untie and retie then as they please! I wanted to make this quilt as interactive as possible, with many elements to manipulate and play with. The block is interfaced for stability. 

What's on My Sewing Table: A Busy Quilt

Speaking of interactive elements, here is one of my favorite blocks! I decided to put in a working zipper with a pocket behind it. Not only that, but I sewed some daisy trim into the pocket, so there is something interesting to find in the pocket! As you can see, I’ve incorporated flannel fabric as well as plain cotton for added texture.

What's on My Sewing Table: A Busy Quilt

Next, an embroidered block. I’m not sure whether this quilt is for a man or a woman, but I’m sure they’ve interacted with embroidery before. I followed the wave print swirls with different colors of embroidery thread, and then interfaced the whole thing for stability and longevity. My work needs to be able to last through busy fingers and the washing machine!

What's on My Sewing Table: A Busy Quilt

Finally, the block I enjoy the most visually. I got this trim from JoAnn’s fabric, and it was more expensive than I would have liked, but the final effect is so pleasing to me. It reminds me of a pretty curtain, or a child’s Easter dress. 

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately on the sewing front! I’ll be sure to update you when this quilt is finished!

What have you been up to that is crafty lately?
 What sewing project are you working on?


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