Vintage Haul – January Thrifting

Hey, where did February come from so fast? January is already done and over with? What gives? It felt like recovering from the holidays this year took up most of the month of January, but I still managed to make it to the thrift store to snag some pieces. I realized that I haven’t done a haul post in a while, August in fact! Much overdue for one then! I have to admit, not all of these pieces are true vintage, and some were bought in December, but I am very excited about them all!


First up, an unassuming black sweater. This one is probably modern, because it has a plastic dry clean only tag in it. But that’s the only thing I know about it, as the other tag was cut out! I probably would not have bought it usually, except I recently purchased this tan true-vintage sweater, and here they are side by side.

Modern sweater side by side vintage sweater

Don’t they look so similar? Similar length, similar collar. The “cropped” length is so important to me for sweaters. I find that long cardigans really give away the look as modern, where as the cropped length hits at the natural waist, which is what I’m trying to emphasize! The tan one is slightly tapered at the waist, but that could be easily remedied. Plus, look, the black one has a ribbon button band, just like the true-vintage sweater!

Thrifted basic plaid wool a-line skirt

Next, this unassuming skirt. It’s wool, a neutral plaid, pretty basic. It came with a gross suede belt that literally broke in half when I went to try the skirt on. But I have been searching high and low to find a neutral colored wool skirt for this winter, and I finally found one! A win for everyday office outfits! This is probably from the 70s/80s, so while technically vintage, not my particular flavor. But it will work fabulously as a basic!

Hand knit thrifted wool sweater

And then we have this sweet thing. I saw this and said, “You are coming home with me!” It’s a bit longer than I’d like and the sleeves are really long, but to shorten this sweater would be a crime! I was really hoping to wear this around Christmas time, but it was never to be. None of my skirts match it (but now I have a neutral!) which made it a bit difficult to style.

Close up of hand worked button holes

The detail, the care that whoever made this put into it is exquisite. You simply don’t find clothing new like this today. You can tell that it was home-knit because of the button holes. Clearly hand-worked and not as smooth as they could be. This could be a wool, because it is pretty scratchy, but who really knows with this one.

Vintage rayon slip

I will tell you, this slip was so difficult to photograph! It’s a pretty peachy color, and as you can see, washed right out on my white background. The details though are far from modern.

Underbust detail on vintage slip

Look at that underbust gathering! That delicate topstitching!

As you can see here, the seams are clearly pinked, a sign of 50s or earlier vintage, after which the overlocker became the seam finish of choice. You can almost read the tag here too!

Inside detail of vintage slip

There is some wear on the straps, I’m not sure they are original based on how they are sewn on, but this is still a gem and a rare find! Here’s a heavily edited picture of the tag if you have trouble reading it. Barbizon was famous for their rayon undergarments in the 50s.

Barbizon tag edited to show detail

And the crowning jewel of my haul, my best find since my princess coat? This skirt.

Midcentury vintage blue skirt

It will probably never fit me. Buuuuut it was $1.50 and there are so many things that I simply love about it. The top stitching. The shell buttons.

Vintage skirt detail - pockets in the front pleats!

The way that there are pockets sewn into the front pleats!

The label is Junior House in Milwaukee, a rather famous manufacturer in its time, which was the 40s-50s. Also, it still has its original belt! I’m still marveling over my luck with this skirt, because I left it once and found it again a month later in the thrift store! Persistence pays off, it seems!

Vintage blue skrit with original belt!

Have you found anything good lately to take home with you? What is a favorite item you’ve thrifted?


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