Best of 2016- Roundup!

Oh 2016, you have certainly been an interesting year! At the very end of 2015, I was contemplating jumping head first into vintage fashion, and in the beginning of 2016, started this blog!

Its first iteration was a tumblr blog (please don’t go looking for it :p), and then in May, I moved to WordPress! I’m excited about all that I have accomplished over the past year, and wanted to share some highlights from 2016!

Top Popular Posts

5. A Little Slice of Americana

Right before the 4th of July this year, my husband and I moved from one side of the city to another. In the bustle, I decided to post some pictures of patriotic fabric, some of it looked almost vintage. It’s mostly donated fabric, so perhaps it is vintage!

Patriotic fabric

4. Finally Fall!

This fall, I had fun dressing up in the colors of the turning leaves. You really loved this post, including my fun handbag!

Finally fall outfit in autumn leaves colors with a vintage twist.

3. Summer’s Last Hurrah: A Pink Playsuit!

This summer I donned an outfit that I acquired much earlier in the year, a playsuit! I really enjoyed wearing this this summer, all three pieces together, and separately!

Pink vintage playsuit

2. Pretty in Pink and Navy

Here, I channeled a vintage vibe from modern and me-made pieces. These two colors just go so well with each other, and the pictures turned out great!

Pretty in pink and navy vintage inspired outfit

And here it is!

1. Vogue 8811: A Dress for a Wedding

This was the most viewed post of the year! I whipped this dress up at the last minute for a wedding in my home state, and it was a fun experience, and a dress that I would like to make again.

Vogue 8811 make in Gertie fabric for a wedding - 1940s archive pattern

My Favorites of 2016

5. 5 Easy Ways to Make an Outfit Festive For the Holidays

A recent one, I had so much fun documenting some of the ways I use to look a little more festive for the holidays!

Add sparkles to your wardrobe to make an outfit more festive.

4. Vintage Style While Traveling

I went on several road trips to see family, and put together a short little guide on maintaining your vintage style while away from home. It was very helpful in my future travels!

Vintage travel poster

3. Happy 4th of July Outfit

For the 4th, I went festive with pin curls and patriotic colors. I think that I need to back to this hair length, as it worked so well with pin curls!

4th of July outfit

2. Finding a Unicorn: A 40s/50s Princess Coat

This is a more recent one, but I was so excited and am so excited about this coat! I plan on sharing all the details about this coat in a future post.

Look at the sweep on that vintage black wool princess coat!

1. Windmill of a Day Outfit

This, by far was my favorite post of the year! I was vacationing and stumbled across so many windmill things that came together perfectly in this wonderful post.

Vintage windmill themed outfit

So there you go, the best of 2016! 2016, you’ve been great in the vintage sake, but not so much in other aspects of life! See you in the New Year!

What was your favorite post this year?


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