Festive Christmas Outfits!

Just popping in briefly to share some photos of my Christmas outfits with you! I hope that you had a very merry Christmas and spent some time with family and/or friends.

My husband and I had a quiet Christmas Day and Eve, and then went to visit family after that. But onto my Christmas outfits! I chose to go fancy this year!


Forest green Christmas dress

Christmas Eve I wore this sweet number, a well-made modern dress of a wool/rayon blend. It’s nice and warm with sweet details! The color is a nice forest green, but it didn’t show up very well on these photos because it was night by the time I got pictures.

Vintage hair and details complete the festive look

I also took a few of my own tips on how to make an outfit festive, sporting a little glam and a sweet bow.


I also chose to wear my new princess coat, because the weather was heating up and it looked like rain on Christmas morning, which I didn’t want to expose my coat to.


Dress, Coat: Value Village

Earrings: Antique store

Shoes: JC Penneys (old)


And here is my Christmas morning outfit! It’s a polyester velvet blend, which is so soft and flowy! The flutter sleeves make it so easy to move it, and the gold embroidery was the perfect accent for Christmas.


Dress: Value Village



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