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Finding a Unicorn: A 40s/50s Princess Coat

In the vintage world, we call them unicorns. Maybe other collectors do as well. Each one of us has a list of amazing objects that we’d like to find in the wild some day: Princess coats, novelty skirts, matching dress sets, just to name a few.


My black wool vintage princess coat.

We hope that they’ll be in our size. We wish that they will be in good condition. And we pray that we will be able to afford them when they drop in our laps. On Black Friday, I found one of my unicorns: a black wool stunning princess dress coat, in amazing condition. And I got it for a pittance, as it was half off because of Black Friday.


Showing off my new black wool vintage princess coat with a 50s dress and hat.

Let me tell you, it is stunning. The collar is so dramatic, the cuffs to die for. It is lined in what I think is black silk. There isn’t a moth hole on it, and it has only some light staining on one edge of the collar. I was ecstatic. I was paranoid to leave it in the shopping cart while I tried on other things in the dressing room. Even if it barely fit me, it was coming home with me. It came at the right time too, perfectly timed for the holidays!

Detail shot of my new black wool vintage princess coat, including a vintage bird pin on my lapel!

I am a little unclear on its era, which I think I will wait for another post to give you all the juicy details about this coat. It has two labels: one, a St. Louis department store, and another, relatively unknown label. I need to do more research on which exact era this coat belongs to. It has no closures, which is why my hands are covering the waist a lot in these pictures.


Showing off the collar of a vintage black wool princess coat.

I tried to do a little twirling to show off its sweep, but this was the best picture I got from the bunch, so don’t mind my face!


Trying my best to twirl for the camera in the fading light, to show off the sweep of my new vintage dress coat

For this outing, I paired it with a new 50s sweater and dress combination, more details to follow! They deserve their own post, but it was such a frigid day that I took these photos that I didn’t dare take off my coat! The coat itself, did a remarkable job of keeping me warm, though.


Look at the sweep on that vintage black wool princess coat!

This coat is much too precious to me to see everyday wear, even though it is gorgeous, but, as long as it is not raining, it will definitely make an appearance on Christmas Day this year!


Detailed shot of vintage 50s hat and pin.

Outfit details:

Dress, sweater: Vintage Haberdashery

Coat: Value Village (really)

Hat, pin: estate sales

Gloves: Chesterfield Antiques

Boots: Sketchers Tone ups (old)

Lipstick: Revlon Certainly Red

What year do you think my coat is from? Do you have any unicorns you’re looking?

Wishing you all safe travels and time with family this year! Merry Christmas!

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