Fabulous Finds

Fabulous Finds – I Didn’t Buy (Prints Edition)

The weather has been super gloomy and the shortening day means that I don’t get home until well after sunset, which means that it has been very difficult for me to take outfit photos! But – this means that it is time for another edition of Fabulous Finds – I Didn’t Buy – The Real Things that I found in thrift stores, but for various reasons, didn’t purchase. Check out the last edition, vintage and almost vintage.

This time around is prints! Novelty prints, mostly, but these are quite wacky! Novelty prints are very popular in vintage clothing, and are usually coveted by collectors. Here’s some that I found, some maybe vintage, depending on your definition of vintage, and some that are definitely not.

Paisley wildly colored 80s dress I found at a thrift store.

First, I saw this dress from the 80s and had to try it on. It’s color scheme is so loud and not me, and it was polyester, but the shoulder pads were phenomenal. Look at that shoulder silhouette! I wished that this was in a cotton or rayon, and that it wasn’t such a loud print, because it would have come home with me. This is a quintessential 80s dress to me. Loud colors, shoulder pads, fake pockets, and polyester.

Novelty print of sweet bunnies and flower baskets.

Next, these bunnies. They were the fabric of some shapeless jumper that I didn’t even bother to bring to the dressing room with me. But those bunnies are so cute. I’m not sure who made this (as it did appear to be a homemade garment), but I don’t think I could pull off actually wearing this print. I almost regretted not snagging this to refashion into a pillow or something, but I have enough projects on my own!

Paris themed novelty print skirt

Here, a Parisian themed novelty skirt. It was clearly modern and huge on me, but the print is so. good. French monuments, flower carts, benches, how could I resist? I contemplated taking it in, but again, did not want to take on another project. So I left this sweet skirt for some other, curvier lady to pick up.

Hula girl tiki wrap skirt in pink.

Tiki is a common theme in vintage, as soldiers stationed overseas and in Hawaii during World War II often brought home souvenirs for their ladies. While this skirt is probably from the 80s, the tiki vibe is strong with it. Hula girls and flowers. The words say hula and aloha, if you can’t read mirror. This one was a wrap skirt that did not fit over my hips or shoulders, so it stayed at the thrift store. Sigh.

Captain America themed sweater

Finally, the one piece I did pick up! This is a knitted sweater, so not quite a print, but it fits well with the theme. It seems to be from around the 70s, handknit, out of acrylic. It makes me feel like Captain America in a good way. It will probably only come out for special occasions and patriotic holidays, but since I’m a Marvel fan, it was just good enough to pick up.

I hope that you enjoyed this installment of Fabulous Finds! Have you found anything amazing that you left at the store?


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