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5 Easy Ways to Make an Outfit Festive For the Holidays

Sometimes you need to make an outfit festive immediately so you can attend some holiday function. Sometimes you just want to jazz it up for a night out on the town! Often times I find myself wanting to look and feel Christmas-y for the holidays, but don’t have the time to do elaborate things to myself, my clothing, or accessories.


So here’s five easy ways to make an outfit festive with very little effort!

Pin on a holiday brooch


The easiest way that I have found to add festive cheer in a hurry is find a couple of holiday brooches and just wear them. Many don’t even have to match your outfit, because strange color combinations are common for Christmas. Purple and blue? Happens all the time! Red and green often look funny together, but are a Christmas staple!


Holiday brooches can be found everywhere this time of year, including Target and thrift stores. My local store seems to save them until after Thanksgiving and then puts out a truckload of festive brooches. I managed to pick up four in one visit!

Add some sparkle somewhere unexpected


There are some places where a person expects to see a little bling. The ears, for instance, by way of earrings. But put a little something that shines in a new place, and it’s sure to draw attention.Try putting a pin on a hat or beret. Matching pins? Bam, new shoe clips!


Pin a scarf in place with some bling. Pop some earrings into your collar. Get creative! A little bling can go a long way to looking festive.

Use ribbon to brighten


I see no shame in reusing things for a different purpose. It’s eco-friendly. So I have no shame in taking a ribbon that came on something nice I bought and putting it in my hair. It’s the reuse part of reduce, reuse, and recycle. It’s also a perk of the holidays, when no one thinks you’re weird because you walk around with ribbons in your hair.


So tie one around a bun, thread it through a braid, or tie it around a ponytail. Here, I used it a bit like a headband, and there was just enough for a sweet bow. Ribbons come on everything this season, so try to get creative and use one in a new way!

Borrow Christmas decorations


This one may be slightly cheating, but anything goes when you’re in a hurry. I have been known to pin a Christmas bow in my hair last minute because I was desperate. Forgive that this one is a little squashed!

Think of the bow as a hair flower. How would you put in a hair flower? And then do so with the bow. But don’t just stick to bows! Got a plastic poinsettia? Pull off a bud and pin it in your hair! You can affix tinsel to a collar, or again, in your hair. The beauty of the “ugly” Christmas sweater trend is that nothing is too bizarre. If people don’t like it, then they’ll just think you’re wearing it ironically. So go crazy! Wear jingle bells!

Finally, break out the glitter


There comes a time when a lady is desperate. Then, it’s time to break out the glitter, the sparkle. Take everything shiny that you own and throw it on. Sequins? Glitter eyeshadow? Bobbles and sparkles? Embrace it!

If you’re ever worried about being too shiny (when there is no such thing during the holidays), try this: Before you leave the house, take one thing off. A piece of jewelry, or perhaps an accessory. That way no one can say you have too much on, because you could have been wearing more.

That’s it! Those are my tips for easy ways to make an outfit festive for the holidays! Do you have any other quick tips for the season? Share them in the comments below!

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