November Favorites

I hope all the Americans out there had a safe and blessed Thanksgiving. We have had my parents stay with us for the last week, which made for a bit of a full apartment! With all the excitement going on, I still wanted to share a bit of holiday cheer with you by sharing some of my favorite things that I’ve stumbled across in this month.

I hope you enjoy!

Lilly Jarlsson’s YouTube video on dressing vintage for the winter season – There are some really good tips in here for keeping warm without sacrificing vintage style!

Thirteen Thoughts had a really useful post this time of year: How to Take Bright Pictures in Dark, Gloomy Weather. I’ve been getting a lot of gloomy weather lately, so this is very timely!

I’m a regular watcher of the vlogbrothers on Youtube, and during Hank’s paternity leave, they have people filling in for him. A fantastic video by Nathan Zed is called You’re Not Good Enough.

Leimomi of The Dreamstress kicked off a series on sewing with knit fabrics with Sewing Knit Fabrics: the pros and cons of the 4 most common options that is great for experienced and beginner sewists alike.

Any favorite links that you’ve found this month?


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