A Swingy Fall Skirt

What’s this? I’m updating on a Wednesday? What is this? Never fear though, I’m simply updating a day early for the holiday of Thanksgiving here in the States. My parents are here visiting, so I wanted to get this out early while I could!


Here it is though, at long last, Simplicity 3688! Even though it’s a touch too big, I love this skirt and it will definitely be made again. It is very swingy, with a great A-line shape that’s pretty subtle. My only complaint is that I keep shutting it in the car door when I’m not paying attention.


I have been trying to churn out this skirt for a while, but I am very happy to have it done. It was a style and color that I desperately needed in my wardrobe.


The weather has taken a turn for the colder lately, so I’m in full warm clothing mode. Sweaters and knee-high socks with layers underneath to keep me toasty have been the order of the last few days. I love to tie everything together with a belt, to keep bulk down and define my waist!


Fabric: Some mystery woven from an estate sale. Polyester perhaps?

Pattern: Simplicity 3688 view B

Year: Recent Reissue

Notions: One button and a zipper, which I had on hand.

How historically accurate is it? Probably not very. The fabric is a mystery and the zipper was plastic

Any tricky parts to the pattern? No super easy!

Did you change anything? I omitted the top-stitching because I was in a hurry.

Time to complete: Only a few hours

First worn: 2 weeks ago? to work

Total cost: ~$3 the fabric was $5 and I only used half, plus the zipper.

Notes: I would love to make a matching suit jacket from the pattern in the future!


Sweater: Thrifted

Skirt: Simplicity 3688 memade

Belt: Warehouse sale

Brooch: Magpie’s Art and Salvage

Socks: Target

Shoes: Zulily


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