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Make Do And Mend

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Or so we’ve always heard. Sometimes in life nothing seems to be going your way, and there’s nothing to do but to make the most of it. As they say, when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on! In my personal fashion world, this means a making do and mending when things rip, tear, and come undone.


I blogged briefly about these shoes last spring, but they haven’t been featured yet this season, simply because the weather was too nice to wear them until recently. Now I’ve armed myself with an arsenal of socks, they are seeing frequent use. That is, until the laces decided to break on me. Within the first few uses too! It was a slow demise, and, of course, I couldn’t remember to buy new shoe laces until the lace snapped inconveniently when I was putting them on one day.


One new pair of shoelaces later . . . This is not a perfect match, so I replaced both so that they did match. I might have to special order laces when these decide to give up the ghost. You can believe that I am eyeing my other pair suspiciously after all that!


A few months ago, I bought this lovely circa 1960s Swirl dress, but it has recently been showing its age. This hem will have to go back up, and it also has one single small hole that needs mending.


I also recently purchased this lovely turquoise number (details to come, the picture does the color no justice) that needs a bit of sprucing up before it’s quite ready to wear. Just a couple seam pops here and there, nothing too drastic.


Stitch it up with some 100% cotton thread, and I’ll be wearing it in no time! (By the way, those scissors are perfect for traveling!)


Some things in life are easy to make do and mend with, while others are much harder. Still, we can’t give up. We have to make the most of the hand that we’ve been dealt, because there are no do overs. I do hope you will join me in making do and mending as the year draws to a close!




2 thoughts on “Make Do And Mend

  1. Yes, indeed, I am joining you and cheering you from the other side of my screen. It seems so few people who I know that sew are willing to go the extra mile to keep up in good shape what they have – I do and think it’s great that you are, too. It is a bit tedious and doesn’t always feel worthwhile but does a load of good in the end. For me, now that I am bringing out all my past-made winter garments for the season, I have been making a bunch of tweaks, updates, and repairs so I am happy with my wardrobe for another year. Thanks for posting.


    1. Thanks for dropping by! There are so many vintage pieces that aren’t quite perfect out there, but are still wearable with a little work, and I simply can’t resist them! Plus I think it is more authentic to the era, to make do and mend what we have!


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