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Fabulous Finds – I Didn’t Buy (Vintage and Almost Vintage)

I have been thinking about starting this series on my blog for a while (and collecting pictures for it) and now is the time to show it off! I do a lot of thrifting in my search for vintage and vintage appropriate clothing, and sometimes there are just fabulous things that I find in the thrift store, that for one reason or another, I can’t or don’t take home. I found this to be a shame, since my local thrift stores have some really awesome pieces that I frequently stumble upon.

So, without further ado, here is Fabulous Finds – I Didn’t Buy, Vintage and Almost Vintage Edition. Here are pieces that are some sort of actual vintage, or great repro, that I didn’t buy from the thrift store.


First up, this fabulous dress. It had a cute color, a classic striped print, and an a-line skirt. It could have pretty easily been hemmed and worn as a 40s inspired day dress. Why didn’t I bring it home? As you may be able to tell from the pictures, it was WAY too tight on me. I could barely get the elastic waist over my bust. You can also see the buttons straining.


Next, this gorgeous real velvet homemade formal gown. This was such a beautiful color, and someone obviously put a great deal of work into it. When I found it, it had been hung up on a skirt hanger, which was crushing the delicate velvet at the shoulders. I fixed it up on a regular hanger, hoping it would avoid further damage. Why didn’t I buy it? Again, way too small on me. This might have belonged to a teenager originally, so I could not even get it on for a picture.


Look at this fabulous vest/blouse! It just screams 70s to me. The print, the color, the awful texture of polyester . . . Why didn’t it come home with me? I didn’t need to try it on to know that the 70s weren’t my thing. Also I’ve never liked the color yellow on myself. It’s a strange thing. I hope it went to a good home though!


Another 70s piece! This was made of some sort of almost terry cloth knit? It definitely had an interesting texture to it, and the label confirmed it as a 70s era piece. Why didn’t I buy it? The texture was off putting to me, and it had this acrid chemical smell to it that I didn’t want to bring into my house. It was also a bit too small on me (a common theme, I’m sure).


With a label that said Made in Hawaii, this piece looks like a 60s piece to me. The dropped waist and Hawaiian style is a classic to the era. Why didn’t it come home with me? Dropped waists and shift dresses in general do not look very nice on my frame, as I tend to be pear shaped.

And finally, a bonus, the piece I did buy – or should I say pieces?:


50-60s era night clothes: A soft sheer top with matching bloomers. The bloomers didn’t come even close to fitting me – I couldn’t get them over my thighs- but the top fit nicely. This is probably all you’ll ever see of this particular piece. It was decently priced, and it had cute little strawberry embroidered details, accented with sweet lace.

There you have it! Five Fabulous Finds I Didn’t Buy, and One that I Did. Happy Thrifting!


5 thoughts on “Fabulous Finds – I Didn’t Buy (Vintage and Almost Vintage)

  1. Great idea for a new series! I also find tons of stuff that I want to bring home, but I have to remind myself to be selective! I rarely wake up in the night with regret over not buying a vintage piece, but it does happen!


  2. That’s too bad about the velvet dress- so many velvet pieces I see are crushed too 😦 I totally get you on the yucky feel of some fabrics too- they may be vintage but they are still off-putting!


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