These Green Green Days Aren’t Going Away Outfit

Well, I posted last time about how finally the Fall weather has come to my neck of the woods, and then the weather cycles right back again. The weather here has been flip-flopping between proper fall and late summer weather, making it very important to check the weather each day before getting dressed!So here’s an outfit that I wore on one of our warmer days.


This dress is a modern one, fully lined and 100% cotton shirt dress. It fits me really well, but I wish it was a bit free-er in the hips and sleeves. I like the shape when standing, but a little more flare to the skirt and armscye would give me more room to move in it.


I really enjoy wearing dresses like because they are so easy! Just throw on a belt and go. I love the versatility of separates, but they require a lot more fussing with layers, tucking, and smoothing. Some days you just want to throw on a dress and go, and this dress is perfect for those days.


Dress: Sundance (thrifted)

Sandals: Modcloth

Headband: me-made

Belt: Warehouse sale


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