Finally Fall!

The weather is finally beginning to reflect the date here in the Midwest! You have no idea how excited I am for cooler temperatures, so I can finally pull out my warmer things. However, with cooler temperatures comes less light, which combined with a busy schedule means I have been having trouble finding times to take pictures. We used to do this around the time we walked the dog, but now that’s just a bit too late to get good light. As I catch up, the schedule might shift around. Thank you for bearing with me through this!


So here we go, a perfectly fall outfit for the fall temperatures that have descended! It has been so warm up until the last week or so. I am one that really needs to feel the temperature change before it is truly fall for me. For this outfit, I was celebrating sweater weather with fall colors and a new sweater!


I love my short sleeved sweaters, but there is a limited amount of time that I can wear them in. It has to be cool enough that I don’t roast in them, but warm enough that I don’t need something longer-sleeved. Plus a lot of them are itchy on my sensitive skin and require a blouse underneath. This one is a modern find, plus I have it in blue! It’s surprisingly warm.


Can we talk about this bag?! I got it for a song from a thrift shop. It had the “new” tag on it, so I knew I had to snatch it up before it disappeared. It matches my fall colors, especially with it’s pop of color lining and orange clasp. Bakelite maybe? It smells too much like thrift store for me to test it right now, as I my nose is not that sensitive. It would be perfect, except whoever put the tag on it in the thrift store STAPLED through the bag. Ugh.


Sweater, Bag: Thrifted

Blouse: OLL

Skirt: Memade, self-drafted

Shoes: DSW

Belt: warehouse sale

Wishing you a happy fall! How do you celebrate fall? Has the season begun to change for you?


6 thoughts on “Finally Fall!

  1. I totally relate to your post. I have been struggling with light issue for photo shoots as well and changing the timings for afternoon to morning as there is less light in the afternoons. By the way, I love your outfit and the mix of fall colours. you look so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Do drop by my blog as well : http://styleovercoffee.com πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Carla! I wish that this thrift store took a little more care with their items, as I’ve had to pry staples off of waistbands, collars, and facings before. Sometimes they put on two for extra security. 😦


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