Summer’s Last Hurrah: A Pink Playsuit!

I know I’ve been hinting at this outfit for a while, but I finally got the chance to pull it out and wear the whole thing! This, friends, is a playsuit! Playsuits are vintage sets of clothing that were primarily worn during sports, at the beach, and for “play!” They range in number of pieces, but usually contain a top and some sort of bottom. My set has a button up blouse, a pair of shorts, and a button up skirt to put over it all.


Think of a playsuit as the vintage version of exercise or lounge wear. Before the advent of sweat-wicking and lycra, play clothes were usually made of a sturdy cotton, and gave enough room for the person to move around as they pleased. They often came in matching or coordinating sets. Some, like mine, included a little skirt that could be thrown on for some extra modesty if one wasn’t comfortable wearing shorts in public.


You’ve seen pieces of this set before, in other posts. I’ve also found that the skirt makes a lovely swim cover-up. I adore this set, but I think all together it might just be a little too much pink for me! Pink stripes plus pink flowers and pink fabric is pushing it just a tad.


Here’s me with the shorts! We had just gotten finished swimming in the pool before these pics, the perfect activity for Labor Day weekend. We had some hot days this weekend, which were perfect to jump in the pool and wish summer goodbye!


My husband loves to take these funny angle shots, don’t I look amused?


Playsuit: OLL

Shoes: Salt Water Sandals

Hairband: Me-made


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