Fall Sewing/Quilting/Knitting Plans

Is it really September already? Where has the summer gone to? Well, here in Missouri, the summer has not yet relinquished its grasp on us yet, but there are occasional cool days that bring the promise of fall! Every year, I reaffirm that fall really is my favorite season. Cool days, beautiful leaves and colors, cozy things to eat and wear. Fall is most of all a season of change, and for the first time in almost 20 years, I will not be returning to school this fall. Fall also leads into winter, which leads to wardrobe complications for many! Having just only started my vintage journey last winter, I have much to make up for! Let’s get crafty!


First, a sneak peek at what I’m up to right now. I’m working away at these hospice lap quilts for veterans. I made up two just like this one. They’re not completely quilted yet, though, so don’t mind the puffy look.


First up, I have a wedding to attend in a little over a week, which means I need to skedaddle and whip this dress up! I’ve read that it’s a simple pattern, and goes together easily. Hopefully I’ll make it in time! This is Vogue 8811 in a Gertie print for Joann’s, from two seasons ago, I think.


Next is this rascally blouse, which has been on the sewing docket for a while. I’m still determined to crank it out. Simplicity 3847 in a flowered print.


This will be a sweet number for fall/winter. I have about 10 yards of this red fabric, of which I am unsure of the content. It does feel nice and warm though, and View B of Simplicity 1587 will be a nice fall/winter frock.


Another good long-sleeved dress for cooler weather, Simplicity 8050 will be made in a cotton/polyester blend (for warmth). Channeling Peggy Carter and I couldn’t be more happy about it! πŸ˜€


On to my quilting plans! I whipped this top up last fall when I was caught up in the whims of autumn, but abandoned it when Christmas rolled around. Now I have the backing fabric and the batting, and the air is turning cool again, it’s time to pull it out again and finish!


Finally, I’ve upped my knitting game recently and purchased some necessary supplies for creating more complex garments. This is a mix of Walmart, flea market, and estate sale finds. I’m excited to be knitting some cozy garments for the colder months! A sweater is probably not in the cards yet this year, but I’m hoping to build skills toward that goal!


My current project is the Miss Marple Scarf in a purple wool. It’s going pretty well, which is good considering my dog thinks it would make an excellent snack! She’s obsessed with it. Every time I bring it out she sits near me and stares at it hungrily.

Well, that’s all for now! I tried to keep it shorter this time around, in the hopes that I will get more done with a shorter list.

Have any crafty plans for this fall?


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