Pretty in Pink and Navy

Pink is not really one of my favorite colors. It’s not that I don’t like the color pink, it’s just not my color. You see, when you’re a twin, like I am, your parents tend to dress one twin in one set of colors, and the other in a completely different set. I got green and blue, and my sister got yellow, pink, red, and purple (though purple was shared some). So I run into this interesting dilemma where I think my twin sister looks good in pink, while I don’t. Sounds weird?


It totally is. It’s based on a complex in my mind that pink is not for me. Just like I hate most colors of yellow on myself, but think they look perfectly fine on my sister. These days, I wear pink a little more often, but still sometimes feel self-conscious about it. I really enjoyed Chronically Vintage’s post on the topic of wearing pink, as it provides many examples of how to wear pink and still remain true to your style and yourself!


Enter this pink (almost salmon) linen blouse. I really wish that I could wear it more, especially since it is linen, which is wonderful for the summer, but as you can see in some of the photos, it’s just a tad bit tight on me.


To tone down the pinkness, I paired this with a me-made navy blue skirt (which is on its last legs) and a white bolero that gives it a very modern color scheme. I also played with my hair a little, which was perfect for the sweltering day that we ventured out to take these pictures.


Unfortunately, my heels were lost in the grass, and we didn’t get a good snap of them. They’re super comfortable, which is hard to find in a heel, especially in my size!

Outfit details:

Blouse, heels, and shrug: thrifted

Skirt: me-made

Brooch: antique store

Earrings: gifted


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