Summer Whites: A Finished Skirt!

After posting a number of times about this skirt, I can finally show you it finished! It caused a fair amount of frustration to me this summer, but I can finally say that I finished it and move onto something else!


I made some good progress on this skirt back in June, cutting it out fairly quickly and sewing the side seam. Moving set me back, and my sewing station still is a huge mess. Finally when I sat down to work on this again, I found out what a bear to work with my lining fabric was.


Both fabrics here are sheets, the flowered one vintage, and the lining a pale blue more modern sheet. The flowered sheet sewed beautifully, but the blue sheet was terrible. I think it was too tight of a weave to be sewed this way. My machine kept skipping stitches, which is a terrible thing when you’re trying to gather a panel. I was afraid that the move had thrown the timing off on  my machine!


Then I got to the hand sewing. I was dissatisfied with the way my machine was skipping stitches, so I ended up hand-picking the zipper. I also slip-stitched the waistband down on the inside and hemmed it by hand. Something about this fabric made it very difficult to get through, so it hurt my fingers to sew. This also set me back a while.


I finally finished this up literally yesterday, just in time to throw it on and take some pictures for this post! Now that it’s done, I rather like it a lot. It’s not as light and airy as I like, but will be good for autumn and spring days, if not the hot days of summer. I really enjoy the fit though, and the length that it falls to. I enjoy full skirts in the summer, and this one fits the bill!


Fabric: Thrifted bed sheets, both polyester cotton mixes

Pattern: self-drafted from tutorial by Gertie

Notions: One zipper, three hooks and eyes. Self-lined/interfaced.

Any tricky parts to the pattern?  I didn’t use an invisible zipper, so that made the closing a little weird as the pattern wasn’t made for it. I need to remember to allow for this in the future.

Did you change anything? Used a regular zip and three hooks and eyes instead of an invisible zipper. Self-interfaced/lined.

Time to complete: Too long

First worn: August 17th, 2016

Here’s a bonus pic of my dog, River! We took these pictures while on a walk with her and she did pretty good!



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