Half-off Hauls! August Thrifting Edition

So the Value Village near my house is increasingly becoming one of my favorite stores to shop in. They have such variety, and usually a good range of items! What’s more, they have massive half-off sales twice a month! They stock the floor extra for these sales and tons of people show up. My haul today is the results of my last two visits on half-off days! IMG_0952Here are the results from my trip near the end of July, three skirts and two tops (plus the green scarf seen later). This trip, I kept running into button down rayon midi skirts! They were everywhere! I must have tried on ten.

IMG_0953I ended up with these three. All need to be hemmed, but I’ve been wearing them as is for the last few days. So comfy! From right to left: polyester (boo, but the color is nice!), unknown (ripped out tag), and 100% rayon (yay!).

IMG_0955Next the shirts, an embroidered peasant top, and a linen sleeveless blouse, both perfect for summer days!

IMG_0958Here are the two scarves I picked up in the last couple of weeks. The green one I picked up with the group above, and the blue one came from a St. Vincent de Paul on a random visit.

IMG_0960Here’s the haul from literally yesterday, another half-off day! That’s why the tags are still attached, if you wanted to know what I paid. I never know what I’ll find on half-off day, so I like to keep an open mind!

IMG_0961I told myself no more skirts until I hemmed the ones I got on the last trip, but this one was perfect. Lovely flowers and gardening tools, with perfect details.

IMG_0963Look real shell buttons! This one’s 100% rayon too, probably originating from the 80s.

IMG_0964And finally, the shirts. A blue cotton peasant shirt which looks lovely on me. The white shirt in the middle is quite long, but it’s 100% rayon, fits me, and has a lovely soft feel. I love the flower print on the last one, and it fits me so well! These are a lovely edition to my wardrobe.


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