A Pop of Red Lipstick

One of the things that held me back from posting these past couple of weeks has been my struggle with pin curls. I like pin curls, but the process is still a little hard for me, especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate. As much as I like pin curls, though, I really like my natural curls. They’re fast and easy, as well as something of my own that I can rock! Something about the weather this day made my curls on point!


This day I decided to stick to cool faded colors. While I enjoy the green color of my skirt, it probably is a color that doesn’t go the best with my skin tone and wouldn’t look so great next to my face. Luckily the light blue linen top does much better!


Wearing soft, muted colors like this allows my contrast of light skin and dark hair to POP, as well as my red lipstick! There are some times that I think that this shade of red is too much for me, that it overwhelms my face, and then sometimes I think it goes very nicely. I’m definitely getting more comfortable wearing red lipstick!


My duck brooch didn’t want to come out and play today. Boo. You can see it up close in my Antique Pretties haul post. This is one of the skirts I picked up in a recent thrift haul. I still plan on hemming it to a proper 40s length, but it is fun to rock a midi skirt occasionally!



Skirt and Blouse: thrifted

Sandals: Modcloth

Brooch: Antique store

Hair flower: Costa Rica


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