A Beginner’s Attempts at Knitting

Hello friends! Today I’d like to share with you some of my forays into the world of knitting!


I actually learned to knit when I was fairly young, around ten or so. I wanted to knit a scarf, and well, you can imagine how far I got. About 8 inches! When I got into high school I discovered loom knitting, which I enjoyed for a while, but got frustrated by its limitations. I could make tube scarfs that looked nice in fluffy yarns but not much else.

When I discovered the world of vintage blogs, I realized that knitting is an excellent way (besides sewing) to make your own vintage era garments and accessories. I took my time acquiring some supplies, consulting a good friend of mine who knits for advice.


Finally, I took the plunge and knitted this dishcloth on lucite circulars with what we think is a cotton yarn (it was unlabeled). It’s called Grandma’s Favorite and you can find it on Ravelry here. Mine is . . . not quite square, but it kept me company through a nice road trip, and was a great first project! I also think I’ve figured out why I’ve got the holes. If you know any tips for making dish cloths square, let me know! I still have to weave in the ends, but I’ve been procrastinating on buying a yarn needle. This was a great first pattern! Relatively easy, but taught basic skills. I also got a handle on tension, which is good.


My second make was vintage inspired, but I kind of deviated from the directions. . . It’s called Riveting. I didn’t have the required needle size or weight of yarn, so I kind of made it up as I went along? I think it worked out pretty well, all things considered. I basically repeated some of the increasing rows to make it wide enough, and then made the decreasing rows to match. The middle is just knit even until you have the appropriate length, so I didn’t have to change that at all.


I think it looks great on, and will look even nicer with pin curls!

As for next projects, I’m kind of stuck in between. I cast on a hat from Subversive Femme, which I was really excited about. Cables and knitting in the round! Except I didn’t realize that my cable on my circulars isn’t flexible enough to magic loop and I have no way to do decreases without big gaps . . . And this was after I cast on 108 stitches.


So it’s currently sitting in my knitting bag, waiting until I buy double-pointed needles or resign myself to frogging it.

But I’m looking forward to getting some knitting done that I will actually wear and use! Some patterns that I would love to try out:

1940’s Cable Turban

Vintage Allure Beret

Cat Hoodie (just for fun)

Knit it in Flag Colors Sweater (hopefully someday!)

Do you knit? What are you working on? Any tips for a newbie?



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