A Little Slice of Americana

So we finally got all moved out/in! Unfortunately, we’re still at the stage where boxes abound, as we’re not quite sure where to put it all . . . So I decided to dig through some boxes and showcase some Americana fabric that I’ve been holding onto in honor of the Fourth of July!


Some of you may remember that I volunteer with a hospice program to make quilts for their veteran patients. Well, with the move and finals at two schools, I haven’t been able to bust out the sewing machine any time recently. In fact, my poor sewing machine is sitting all by its lonesome in the closet, not even set up yet. But, when I started volunteering, I got bags and bags of red, white, blue, and patriotic fabric to play with to make into quilts! There is a huge variety, but some of it looks downright vintage!


The lady from which my stash originated from collects it for various volunteer organizations, so you never know quite what you get! I once found a whole bag full of multicolored prairie points! The first picture is a lovely panel that’s included (I can’t wait to make a quilt with this as its foundation!) and here are some nine patches, already made up of gingham.


Here are some of my favorites so far. I can’t wait to work with them! The gray and white prints look the most vintage of what I’ve got. I love the details on the eagles and drums! All of these cuts are larger sized, hopefully enough to back a quilt with to show off the fabric.


And look at the name of the star print!


Here are some smaller cuts. Unfortunately the far left print is only in small pieces and has some stains. Except for the firework print, these are more subtle patriotic prints, but I can’t wait to incorporate them. The striped one looks a lot like homespun!

I hope you enjoyed a little look into my hospice sewing stash!




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