Antique Store Pretties

I’ll be honest with you dear readers, it’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. Boxes have been piling up at my house for a couple of weeks now. My husband and I have driven around 52 hours to visit family in the last four weeks. Tuesday we signed the lease on our new(!) apartment. Saturday we have to be ready for others to come and help load us to our new home.  Yesterday I celebrated my 24th birthday. All the while, my grad school classes continue to march on. Often my homework gets done the day it is due. I haven’t touched my sewing machine in weeks. There’s too much stuff in the spare room to even sit at my sewing table!



In light of all this, I thought I’d share some pretty things I picked up when my husband and I were on vacation visiting family, the first week in Iowa, the second in Oklahoma. We discovered that my husband does like antique shops, he just needs a friend to go with. :p



In the shop we visited in Iowa, I found this lovely little duck brooch. It’s pretty simple, but I was feeling whimsical. I’ve already worn him a couple of times, and am hoping to wear him more! He’s pretty light, so he doesn’t need a lot of structure in my outfit like some of my heavier brooches, but he’s so small that I’m afraid he’ll get lost.


I also found these lovely screwback earrings that have an art deco feel to them. My ears have never been able to handle piercings, so I’m very happy every time I find some clips or screwback earrings that I can actually wear! I think I will save these for a fancy event, as they are a bit too much for every day for my taste. This place also had a LOT of vintage buttons, but they were something like a dollar a piece, which I decided wasn’t worth it for how many I’d use. It was a good thing too as you’ll see later!




When we went to Oklahoma, I found three large antique stores that we checked out while visiting my husband’s brother. We had so much fun walking through all of them. At the first store, an antique mall, I bought two things, this brooch and hair comb. IMG_0912Neither of them are authentic vintage (You can tell that the comb is modern, with a vintage embellishment, and the beads are newer), but they were too cute and reasonably priced for me to pass up. I have not worn either of them yet, though I tried out the hair comb briefly. It holds very well, which I think is on account of the plastic. I am looking forward to wearing the brooch, especially in the summer, because a basket of flowers is the perfect complement to any outfit!

The second shop was having a basement sale, where I found this box full of sewing notions. I ended up getting it for a steal, and it was stuffed with buttons, many of them vintage, and belt buckles. There was also a lot of random stuff in there too, like needles, hooks and eyes, and carbon paper. I went through it a little bit, but I’m waiting until we move before completely going through the box. Here are some of my favorites!


I didn’t end up getting anything in the third shop, although it was by far the biggest and had the most choices. At that point, I had kind of gotten decision fatigued out. There was nothing that I saw that I HAD to have, although there was a lot of interesting vintage items. My favorite was a 1940s cord purse, but I didn’t feel up to buying it at that time.

I hope you enjoyed a little look  into some of the pretties I picked up while on vacation! Do you like shopping at antique stores? What have you bought recently?


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