Vintage Style While Traveling

My husband and I will be spending the next couple of weeks driving all over the Midwest to visit family, so I’d like to offer you a little primer on traveling and wearing vintage style. This is not just for vacations, but for all kinds of traveling! Of course, feel free to wear whatever you like, but here are my top tips!


Go for Durability

Being on the road tends to take a toll on our clothes and style. Whether you’re sitting in a car or an airplane seat, you want a style that can hold up it. This may be the time to leave delicate or irreplaceable pieces at home.


Whatever you bring has to be able to withstand spending some quality time in your suitcase, even if you plan on hanging it up as soon as you arrive. If you’re traveling by airplane, your checked luggage will almost certainly get thrown around, so plan accordingly! Pick pieces that are not easily crushed, such as velvet, and ones that can resist a few wrinkles. Pack delicate pieces in acid-free tissue paper and hats in hard sided containers, like hat boxes.


Go for Comfort

If you have a short trip ahead of you, congrats! You can get away with anything! But if you have a bit of a jaunt to get where you’re going, consider the comfort of your traveling outfit.


Whether you’re going by train, bus, plane, or car, you’re likely going to be spending a lot of it sitting in one place. Let your wardrobe help you rather than hinder you! Choose items with with a looser fit. When we sit down, our body structure changes, which can make waistbands seem tighter over time. A snugly comfortable waistband may be fine at the beginning of a trip, but be stifling by the end. Consider an elastic waist or a wrap style, which allows the garment to move with you as you breathe.

Consider your shoes before you leave. Are you going to be walking a lot? Over what kind of ground? Plan accordingly! Walking in high heels over cobblestoned streets, for example, is a sure way to a twisted ankle or broken heel, unless you are very good at it. Bring well broken-in shoes along. A trip is never a good time to break in new shoes, unless you enjoy blisters. Remember what you are comfortable with and plan your shoes accordingly!

Go for Pieces that Coordinate


Let’s be honest, we’d all like to bring our entire wardrobe with us when we travel, but we can’t. Whether from rising checked bag fees or limited space, there is a limit on how much clothing we can bring. You can maximize on outfits by choosing your pieces of clothing wisely and choosing ones that coordinate well with each other.

Consider building a capsule wardrobe, like one that The Girl with the Star Spangled Heart did last year. Don’t feel constrained by having only a certain number of items. You can make a “capsule” as big as your suitcase! Separates help with ease in mixing, and give you multiple outfit options.

Make sure you  have a plan for something to wear with each item you pack. What is the point of bringing your rockin’ red heels if  you have nothing to red wear them with? Make sure each item you pack has a purpose, even if it is only an idea.

Check the Weather

I cannot express the importance of this enough! The weather is the most important factor in choosing what you will bring while traveling. Look up what it is like where you are going before you leave, and what the forecast  will be for the time you are there and then plan accordingly. This is especially important if you are traveling far enough to encounter a different climate!


If it’s warm where you are going, try to get a gauge on your comfort with the heat. Do you like to wear as little as possible when it’s hot out? Or do you prefer light layers to protect yourself from the sun? Remember that if you’re closer to the equator, the sun can be stronger and burn you more quickly than you’re used to! Always pack a suit if there’s any chance you could be going swimming.


If it’s cold, remember to pack layers! They work the best at trapping heat, and allow you to shed a layer if you dressed too warmly or stepped inside a warm building. Cotton is not a good choice in the cold, especially when wet, but wool is an excellent choice! If you are prone to getting cold, you can always wear a thin undershirt like Underarmour that is designed to wick away perspiration and trap heat.

Go for Washability


When in doubt, choose pieces that wash and wear easily. If you need to bring a limited amount of clothing, washing your clothes throughout your trip will allow you to wear them more. Beyond that, something about vacations and travel tends to make us messy and dirty. The lack of laundry facilities almost guarantees that we will spill something on ourselves. Don’t risk your dry clean only items with no good dry cleaner in sight! You want items that are a breeze to care for, and don’t require special treatment, because it may be in short supply where you’re going!

There you go! My five tips for traveling in vintage style! How do you maintain your style while traveling? Do you have any tips to add?

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