Summer’s Eve in the City

I’ve been sitting on this skirt for a while, because I was searching for the perfect occasion to wear it. I finally just decided to go for it and take some pictures for you, because it’s just too perfect!IMG_0882

Isn’t it lovely? I think it’s an Italian scene, but it’s hard to tell. It has sequins scattered throughout highlighting special features. It’s a perfect touch, but it makes getting into it a bit difficult because you have to avoid catching the threads!


This is a modern repro piece, but it is very good! I found it at, get this . . . Value Village. On half price day. I found this before we knew that we were moving near this store, but boy was it a good find! Every time I go to this particular store, it has really good pieces, which is so hard to find in the city! Everything is usually picked over in thrift stores, and good stuff like this is in the pricier resale shops.


Like this brooch, which I found in a ScholarShop, a nicer (pricier) resale shop. (But it benefits the Scholarship Foundation, so I feel good about shopping there.) They had a nice selection, I got this one and another. However, it was clear that these were costume pieces, as the nice stuff was behind glass. I may go back to see if they get anymore brooches, because they had a decent selection!


I decided to style this skirt simple, so as to highlight its colors and gorgeous scene!


T-shirt: Target

Skirt: Value Village

Shoes: DSW

Brooch: ScholarShop

Earrings: Estate Sale


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