Summer Sewing Plans!

My hasn’t spring moved along fast! Days are still a little cool here in Missouri, but we got temps into the 80s a week ago, so summer planning is full speed ahead! I have a LOT of sewing that I want to do this summer, with very little idea of how much is going to get done. Theoretically I have more time this summer, as I’m only take two (2!) classes this summer, but I’m also moving, going on three visits to family, and helping my husband transition to a new job. Summer plans may just go the same way that my spring sewing plans did … But here goes!

First order of business this summer is skirts! Most of my skirts need to be taken in, drastically. Some of them didn’t fit well in the first place, but now that I’m doing a bit of exercise, they all need to be heavily belted so as not to slip too far down. The blue one, one that I’ve been wearing like every other day … is pilling horribly. It was a good run for the price of the fabric (free!), so I guess it’s time to retire it. But this means I need more everyday skirts!

I’m planning on picking up several yards of twill from Joanns, or the Hancock Fabrics that is going out of business near me, and then churning out skirts by the handful. I would like at least one black skirt, one navy blue skirt, and one olive green skirt to supplement my current wardrobe. These will be a combination of the above patterns and self-drafted pieces. I just need them, the sooner the better!

Next order of business: shorts! I have two pairs of non-athletic shorts that actually fit me right now, one pair that I like (but can’t wear every day) and one pair that I HATE. I literally bought them last year after I ripped my favorite pair and was desperate. I’ve always had trouble finding shorts that 1. fit me 2. look good on me 3. aren’t tiny. Hopefully I can remedy this by whipping up a pair in this brown twill (?) in M9550 slightly shorter than the pattern (with no cuff).

On to fun things of summer! I have this lovely fabric that I hope to squeeze a simple dirndl skirt and this 50s peasant top out of! Yes, that is a vintage sheet. It also will need to be lined, but it is soft and sweet, and I think it would make the perfect set for summer! I would love to see that peasant top in a darker color though in the future!

I picked up this lovely cotton at Joann’s during their 50% off red tag sale. I had actually contemplated buying the last time I was in the store, but when I saw it again, I knew I had to have it! It reminds me of feedsack patterns, and I knew I had to make a blouse out of it. I had been searching for a good blouse pattern for a good bit, before I saw this one used by Esther from Dolly Creates! The pattern art is sooo kitschy I wouldn’t have gone near it if I hadn’t seen her finished project!

I’m still hoping to get to Simplicity 1587 from my spring plans, but I’m growing more unsure on my fabric choice. In the meantime, I’m hoping to make Vogue 8811. It seems like a very simple pattern to whip up, and would make a lovely summer dress. This is what I believe is one of Gertie’s designs from last years collection, found in the red tag section.

On top of ALL of that, I’m hoping to churn out a couple of Simplicity 1692, view C and D’s. I really want some quick and easy summer tops that I can throw on with little effort. I’ve also got a playsuit idea brewing in my head that may deserve a separate post of its own.


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