Thrift and Estate Sale Hauls – Accessory Edition!

I know that I am not alone in being on a budget. That’s why I try to frequent estate sales and thrift stores as much as my meager free time will allow, in the hopes of finding some goodies to wear. A lot of my vintage appropriate modern clothing is found at thrift stores, but I can occasionally find some vintage accessories. Here is an account of (most of) the accessories I picked up this month!

I picked this up at Value Village. It was in a jewelry case, looking sad, but it was half price day and this baby was only $1.50! It has its fair share of chips, but you really have to look closely to see them! From what I can gather, this is a 50s bone china brooch. Isn’t it just adorable?

I also went to a few estate sales recently. One estate sale had numerous vintage hats, so I picked up a couple.

These have very nice details! I can’t wait to find an opportunity to wear them!

I also found this lovely pair of earrings at the same sale. I was immediately drawn to this pair, because they resemble Bakelite, and they’re screw-back earrings. I had pierced ears at one time, but my ears do not agree with piercings. I’m not sure if they’re actually Bakelite, but I enjoy them nonetheless!

At another sale, I found this wonderful hat! Just earlier that week I was watching a softball game, and found myself wishing that I had a sun hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. And then I found this one at the next sale I went to, and it was only $2!

That’s all for now! Have you found anything fun recently? Have a good sale story?


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