Just a Pinch of Sugar

I realized this weekend that I’ve been falling behind on my sewing! I thought I’d show you my recent work, this sweet reproduced Simplicity 40s Apron!

Of course, this fabric is not period appropriate at all! :p I cut out the pieces of this pattern almost a month ago now, and was promptly uninspired. It seemed to easy to me, when I could be working on other, more exciting projects. And then I let it sit on my cutting table for a month and didn’t work on anymore projects except to whip up that quilt two weekends ago. This weekend, I was determined to get this done! We have family coming into town in two weeks, which means my sewing room will pack up and become the guest room again, so of course I’m itching to sew something before that happens! I sat down at my machine on Saturday, determined to crank this out!

Alas, it was not to be. Something about applying binding to this fabric did not agree with my machine. Soon I had a broken needle on my hands, with a significant portion of fabric sucked into the machine. I spent the rest of my sewing time taking apart what I could and cleaning (probably too much) lint out of my machine.

I left it alone for a while, hoping that it would *magically* fix itself. But the cleaning seemed to work! With a fresh needle, and a few alterations to my technique, this apron came together pretty fast! It took about an hour and a half to assemble, and I’ve never applied binding in this way before!

Despite my troubles, in the end it was easy and fun to whip up!


Fabric: Joann’s quilting cotton

Notions: ¼ inch bias binding, bought an at estate sale, eyelet lace (?)

Pattern: Simplicity  4282 View E


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