Summer is Coming

We’ve had our fair share of chilly and windy days recently, but today, the 70 degree weather was back, and it looks like it’s here to stay!


Warm days like this make me wish for soft light tops and flowy skirts, so I broke out the novelty prints for the afternoon! This is not what I chose to wear to work, but it was perfect for an afternoon softball game. I felt cute AND comfy!


I’ve had this blouse for a while, but it languished in my laundry pile until the weather got warmer and I had the motivation to wash it. I snagged it for cheap because the antiques shop it was in was renovating! I actually bought this the same day that I bought my black waist belt, over a month ago!


I love a good novelty print, and this one is no exception! It is so whimsical and fun. I’m not sure why parts of the print are upside down, but it makes for a pretty pattern. Look Windmills!


These sandals are also new, Salt Water Sandals by Hoy. I literally got them in the mail today and I already love them! They fit perfectly and were super comfortable watching the game and trekking across the field. It is so hard to find retro looking shoes in my size, so I was more than pleased to pick these up in Modcloth’s spring sale. I had been eyeing them ever since I saw them on the Boyer Family Singers Blog while searching for footwear inspiration.


I must apologize for the radio silence, grad school is kicking my butt right now! This is the first day this week that I haven’t spent 12 hours (or more) at work, school, or meetings! I had a post typed up and ready to go, I just needed to take pictures for it. The pictures still aren’t taken! You’ll see it sometime next week, and I plan on queuing up some posts to last me til the end of the semester this weekend. Wishing summer warmth your way!



Blouse: The Future Antiques

Skirt: me-made self-drafted

Belt: thrifted

Sandals: Salt Water Sandals via Modcloth


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