Hair Today . . . Gone Tomorrow

Greetings my lovely readers! I went and did something big this past weekend, something I haven’t had done in a while. I got my hair cut!

I got a lot off, as you can tell! I had been needing a haircut for a while, but unsure of what I wanted. I knew that I’d like a more vintage passing haircut, but I was afraid to go for the middy, thinking that was too short for me. This is what I ended up with, a layered cut that falls slightly below shoulder length, and I love it! While not quite authentic, it is much closer to a vintage style than my previous hair.

Here’s what it looked like when I came home from the salon, kind of flat. My stylist didn’t have a diffuser, so she did the best she could to dry my hair. However, I love how it looks with my natural curls (top pic)! Cutting off the weight of my hair allowed it to spring up in very bouncy ringlets. It’s much easier to take care of now too!

This length also allows me to start trying fun things with head scarves (too  much hair before) and pin curling! My old method of faux victory rolls don’t really work anymore, so I have to up my game on that level, but I’m excited to get some time to really figure out what this new length can do!

What do you think of my new hair cut?

Any suggestions for styles on this length hair?


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