A Soft Spring Outfit

Sometimes, you just have those days when a soft, unobtrusive outfit is the order of the day! In needs to by comfy and cute at the same time, but still be polished and work appropriate.

This outfit fit the bill perfectly! A comfy sweater, a swishy a-line skirt, and a soft pastel scarf to add visual interest. Sometimes I look at my scarf collection and think that I have a lot! And then I try to pair them all with outfits and realize that I could use more. Will I ever have enough?

This is a new way of wearing a scarf for me, and I like it! I took inspiration from the lovely Boyer Family Singers Blog’s recent Photobooth Fashion feature. I liked how soft and muted the scarf was and how it attracted interest to the face without overwhelming it. I didn’t have a lovely teapot (!) brooch to secure it, but I did use this cute little stick pin.

It is a little out of focus, but can you see the little church? Excuse the blurriness please, my husband takes all my photos and he’s still learning. This pin didn’t hold my scarf perfectly. Sometimes it wanted to flip upside down for some reason. However, it did its job well!


Sweater, belt: thrifted

Skirt: memade, self-drafted

Scarf, pin: estate sale

Shoes: DSW


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