A Patriotic Lap Quilt!

So you may not be aware of this, but not only do I sew, but I quilt as well! I have a perpetual stack of unfinished quilts (I have something like three waiting to be finished right now, depending on how you count them), and occasionally I’ll pick one up and continue it. However, on other times, I can be convinced to knock out a quilt quickly. That’s what happened this weekend.

One of my local hospices is experiencing a shortage of quilts for their veterans program, and I decided to knock one out this weekend for them. Quilts like this are presented to veterans who are on hospice as part of a ceremony they do to honor the veteran and their service. They also receive a certificate and other goodies as available. The ladies who usually churn out these quilts were feeling overwhelmed, so I decided to lend my sewing machine! You can find the tutorial that I got the star block from here.

Most of my materials were provided for me, so it took a bit of planning to get this quilt together! The star block is made up of half square triangles and flying geese units, and then surrounded by a series of borders in varying widths. I’m looking forward to doing this star block again, because I really enjoyed both the process and how it turned out!

Since my batting was provided, I ended up having to piece it together, which lead to a lot of hand stitching it together on my design wall (Which is a mattress standing against the wall that I pin stuff to). I zig-zag stitched the major seams, but the little fiddly bits had to be attached by hand.

As you can see, it was a bit of a hackjob in the end. I also turned and stitched this one, also known as the envelope method or birthing the quilt.This took away the necessity of making and attaching binding to the edges, which can sometimes be tedious. I’m not sure, however, if it actually saved me time, as I had to sew the perimeter of the quilt twice already in the envelope method. I also should have used more pins in the basting after turning!

I hope you enjoyed this brief look into my other sewing adventures!


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