Happy Easter!

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter! Mine was filled with lots of cooking and colorful eggs and a delightfully warm day. It wasn’t too warm so that it was hot, it was a refreshing temperature, which allowed me to wear this skirt outfit!

I promised myself a month ago that I wouldn’t try to make my own Easter dress, primarily because I didn’t think I’d have the time. I almost caved and sewed up a skirt, but the forecast and other projects kept me from doing so. But it was a beautiful day none the less!

I got ton of compliments and comments on my outfit in church, which was so sweet! One lady even said that my gloves and hat reminded her of her childhood when she always wore white gloves and a hat to Easter Sunday church! There was communion and a breakfast, so the gloves came on and off throughout the morning, but I still enjoyed wearing them.

As you can see, my little birdie brooch joined me, even though he’s not showing up well on the photos. I’m still on the hunt for more pieces like him, because he lights up any outfit he’s in!


Blouse: Salvation Army

Skirt: Me made Mccalls 6706

Shoes: DSW

Hat and Gloves: Estate sale

Belt: The Future Antiques

Brooch: Donnaland Vintage


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