A Snowy First Day of Spring

So here I am getting all hyped up about spring being here, and what do I open the door to this Sunday morning? Snow. Of course, it was gone within the hour, switched to rain, but it was still chilly all day. Instead of light things, I pulled out my woolens and boots again. Sigh. It was 80 degrees outside a week ago.

Here, I’ve figured out how to wear this sweater and not want to tear my skin off! I ended up wearing the playsuit top, which covered up almost all of my skin so the sweater didn’t touch it! I did end up treating this sweater for itchiness, but it only worked a little bit. The shirt made it all better! The combination of wool skirt and wool sweater may have been a bit much. The skirt is very itchy too, though lined, so it doesn’t make my legs itch. Just my arms every time I rested them in my lap. This skirt still doesn’t fit properly, but I’m working on it.


Shirt: OLL

Sweater: Estate Sale

Skirt: Mom’s closet

Leggings: Walmart

Boots: JC Penneys (Tone-up boots)

Beret: Warehouse sale

Belt: Thrifted


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