Simple Pictures are Best Outfit

When I was little, I had this picture book, Simple Pictures are Best.
I had in on tape too, so I could listen to it as I fell asleep at
night. It’s all about this shoemaker and his wife who want to show
everything about themselves in one picture, much to the photographer’s
chagrin. As you can probably tell, the picture doesn’t turn out very

thought of this book as I got dressed this morning. I have some fun
pieces to show, but I can’t wear them all the time. I end up repeating
outfits that are more “interesting” rather than take pictures of the
simple outfits that I wear day to day. So here’s a simple outfit for
you, all in solids.

though it doesn’t have the most interesting details, I still very much
enjoy this outfit, and the simplicity behind it. It reminds me that not
every outfit has to be spectacular. Women of the 40s wore such things
all the time, but we remember the amazing details that were mostly
reserved for special occasions.  So here’s to the simple look!


Sweater: Target

Blouse: thrifted

Skirt: self-drafted me-made

Shoes: DSW

Belt: thrifted

Gloves: Estate Sale

Beret: Warehouse sale


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