Estate Sale Pattern Finds!

I went to this lovely estate sale on Saturday, and guess what I found? Vintage patterns! There was a ton of 70s patterns that I left right where I found them, but there were a couple of gems tucked away. I left behind some interesting 50s era costume patterns, but I had to snag these three!

First up is this lovely misses suit set! It’s unprinted, which means the tissue has no ink on it, just holes where all the darts are! It’s missing its instructions, and its way to small for me, but it’s such a classic?

This was the pattern that lead me to this estate sale. I saw it, and I said, “I need to go to this sale!” It was tucked among the 80s patterns, but I recognized the cover art as being more 40s era. The shoes, the hair, the peplum? How could I resist? It is also unprinted, and has it’s full instructions! The vintage pattern wiki doesn’t have this one, so I’ll have to do more research about when it was produced. This is also too small for me, but getting warmer!

And the last one! This one is actually very close to my size, and being a peasant style, should have enough ease to fit! It’s printed this time, but I’m excited to try it out before summer so that I can have a breezy blouse for those hot St. Louis days! Being a 50s pattern, it’s slightly outside of my interested era, but peasant blouses are super classic! Plus, as the days get warmer, I see myself leaning towards the 50s for the summer! Who can resist full skirts and airy cotton dresses?


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