The Pajama Dress


It’s here! It’s here! I finally finished Butterick 6282, a reproduction 1941 pattern! I actually did this quite fast, for me, less than a month (I think)! I love the details, including the pockets (!), and the subtle gathering, plus the puff sleeves!


I wore this to work at the library today, and it is definitely a winter dress. Yay! It’s made from a soft grey mystery knit, which makes it oh so comfortable. It’s also nice and warm, and doesn’t stick to my fleece leggings!


Next time I make this (and there will be a next time), I need to size down, because it is still huge on me!The belt helps with this. And the knit was too bulky for the snap closure, I should use a thinner material next time. I think the material is very casual, which makes this a semi-casual dress, even though the cut is quite formal. I may try this in a linen weight fabric for summer, if I can find the time!

Dress: me-made B3282

Belt: The Future Antiques

Scarf: Goodwill


3 thoughts on “The Pajama Dress

  1. What a lovely dress!! 🙂 It looks great on you, and the fabric looks oh so comfy. Beautiful job! And I am your newest follower! I don’t know how I didn’t find your blog earlier, but it is lovely! Looking forward to following along! 🙂


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