A little birdie told me

As promised, my outfit post! The weather here has taken a turn back toward the cold, but I was able to get out to take these pictures anyway!

I got this sweet little birdie at a HUGE warehouse sale that I went to on Friday. There were literally huge boxes and barrels of stuff to dig through. I didn’t end up getting much, but I loved this brooch too much to leave behind!

This is my first brooch, of what hopefully is a growing collection! Lately I’ve been staring at my outfits and saying to myself, “And this is where I’d put a brooch, if I HAD a brooch” in a very DINKELBURG way!

As promised, a detail shot! As you can see, there are mesh holes in my new shoes-an interesting detail! This definitely disqualifies them as a true winter shoe, as I could feel the wind through them!

Oxfords: Bamboo, through Zulily

Skirt: me-made, self-drafted

Sweater: Old Navy

Blouse: the Limited (thrifted)

Belt: Kohls (old)

Brooch: warehouse sale!


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