Before it gets too close to spring, I wanted to share some sewing plans and recent finds! In the last few days, I’ve picked up some nice retro patterns from Joann’s during their pattern sales. Unfortunately, most of them are going to be put away for right now.

I also picked up some fun things at a recent estate sale! A brand new dressmaker’s ham, which is just what I  needed, and a whole bag full of buttons! Cool!

Onto the plans!

I’m going to do B6282 in what I think is a double-faced grey knit, view B. This is a woven pattern, but from what I’ve read about double-faced knits, it should be stable enough to work. This will be my last winter sewing endeavor. This will be the most complicated project I have done yet to date, and I hope to do it justice! If it turns out, I’m going to do it next winter in red flannel. Hopefully I can get it done before the last cold day! From there, it’s planning for spring!

S1590 View A in a silky poly cream. I need to buy more fusible interfacing. B622 uses sew-in interfacing, which I have on hand, but I only have a mere 2 feet scrap of fusible left.

S1692 again! View A this time, in the silky poly cream.

S4282 I’ve had this pattern and fabric for a while, I just need to commit and do it! View E without the embroidery.

S1587 Another dress! Probably view B. This is a navy blue cotton with white hearts. Fun!

M7084 I’ve been on the lookout for shirt dresses in my size, but I’ve been having no luck. So I’ve decided to make some! This isn’t a vintage pattern, but shirt dresses haven’t changed that much! I’ll probably do view B with a collar. Hopefully one in each fabric, but at least I’ll have one! And what is more classic than a blue gingham shirt dress?

M9550 … I need shorts. This is one of the few short patterns I own. This fabric might work? I may go out and buy some more fabric for shorts this summer! View C, probably shorter.

It’s going to be a busy sewing season, but I’m pumped!


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