We finally got snow that stuck around for more than a couple of hours here! It was a beautiful sunshiny day so I convinced my hubby to take some pics outside around campus. I only really wore this outfit to a class meeting, because I went and worked out after lunch and put on jeans to wear to class for the evening. One of my campuses is urban, and some places you just don’t want to stand out!

I’ve always liked this coat, and I think it gives me a nice professional vibe! It also shows that its not quite that cold outside, because I definitely have warmer coats! This is my first headscarf do! You can’t really tell, but I wore it like a headband. I think I may have too much hair for a full scarf do with this scarf.

Observations: I was a bit self-conscious about the headscarf, but I think I rocked it! The more I look at the fit on this skirt, the more I think that it is just a bit too small for me. The pockets bulge and make my hips look even bigger, and not in a good way. I think the headscarf failed at a full do because it is silk and slippery. I should try again with a cotton one! Sunlight makes beautiful photos!

Sweater: Thrifted

Shirt: Thrifted

Skirt: from my mom’s closet

Boots: Target

Belt: Thrifted

Headscarf: Treasure’s Antique Mall

Coat, Scarf: JCPenneys


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