New top! I made it out of Simplicity 1692, View C, which is a 1940s reproduction. It’s a little blousy up top, but that’s the style! I also wore this with a navy blue cardigan, but it was a little long, so I left it out of the pics. I also made this skirt! McCall’s 6706 out of a beautiful leopard print jacquard. You can see the true color and details in the second pic. I paired this with a stretchy belt and knee high grey riding boots. Underneath I wore black fleece leggings because it was hella freezing outside! But nobody could tell!

Observations: I felt pretty and confident in this. I need to get more appropriate belts, because I love how they anchor a piece, but all I have is non-period. My shoes weren’t really vintage appropriate, but it’s so hard to find modern shoes in size 11, vintage is even harder :(. At least I was warm!

Top: Me-made

Skirt: Me-made

Belt: Kohls?

Boots: Target


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