Here’s the outfit I wore to my internship, where I spend time in both the office and the field. I affectionately call it my job that I pay to do. I also paired this with a navy blue cardigan, but the cardigan pics did not turn out. 😥 In other news, I’ve figured out why the focus is messed up on my timed pics, so those will be better now!

Observations: You didn’t see the cardigan, but its a bit long/drapey for an authentic 40s look, which what I’m going for in this outfit. I found that the shirt looked good both mostly covered and by itself, but when the cardigan was just an accent, there was just too much print. My slip also kept peeking out, I need to replace the elastic. I need more bracelets! I love this watch, but if I wear it too often, it will start to show it!

Blouse: thrifted (looks to be 60s)

Skirt: Me-made

Watch: inherited from my grandma

Lipstick: Elf


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